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Francine Masson, Guest speaker at the “Spotlight on Innovation” #Healthtohome special event.

Organized by the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, Mrs Masson will be presenting MPII innovation process. Exporting has many challenges, but with careful preparation and planning these can be overcome. Determining whether your business is ready to export is an important first step.

LEGO Serious Play Method

Billund, Denmark - Francine Masson attended and concluded an IntHRface 4-day LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator training course at LEGOLAND® hotel and conference.

Ne pas évaluer votre produit à sa juste valeur est votre pire menace

Développez la capacité d’augmenter la préférence de marque chez votre client et devenez indispensable, tout en maintenant des prix rentables. Sachez monétiser le contenu de votre approche!

EU|BIC Label in Canada

A first in North America: The EU | BIC label has been awarded to five Quebec organizations (Incubators and Accelerators) that have completed the EBN certification process.